As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog men are not high on my list of things to do this year, as they are a (In my opinion) like shopping, it`s a lot of pushing and shoving with very little at the end of it!

As if by miracle, today has proven that! A guy on the dating sight had shown a genuine interest in getting to know me last year and I finally gave him my mobile number, and then he blew hot & cold and I lost interest. This morning he sent me a couple of texts by mistake obviously meant for a `babe` asking her to leave the door open as he had the meter man coming and probably would miss seeing her this morning! I looked at them and grinned at his stupidity, lol.

Then the matter of my divorce came up, as to whether I would be finalising it or not as I need to let the solicitor know if i wished to continue. I had put it on hold last year as I had too many things piling up on me and I became depressed and anxious.  I have the added problem of not being able to drive and living seven miles from the nearest town!

Anyway I am ready for it this year, and am waiting to hear from my Solicitor and then all I have  to do is take the papers into the court, sign them and it is final and over and I will be me again. I don`t feel I wasted all those years, I raised two great boys, watched them grow and enjoyed holidays and special occasions with them and despite the hard times with outside interferences and the arguments that arose within, it is the good times I remember.

As for my Ex, I truly loved him, maybe always will, despite the pain he inflicted in his selfish pursuit of happiness. It wasn`t always bad, and we had some good, and happy times and it`s those I will hold onto. In fact we are going to meet up and have a farewell drink after the papers go in. He has a new life now with the woman he left me for and they have a two-year old son that he adores. He`s not found true happiness but he got what he left for, his child.

I don`t hold grudges, rarely hate anyone, and I can count only two men in my life that I will never forgive, and that`s because the wrongs they did me left scars that will never fade and still continue to affect my life today in one shape or another.

About Maith an cailin

Born in the 1960s, I`m a single Mum of a young adult. I am a full-time wheelchair user, who has been single since a marriage breakdown in 2008. I live in a UK remote village, not easy with a disability but this is a honest account of a ordinary Woman with a disability.
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