Hoppy Easter!

Happy easter, I hope the bunny visits you! lol.

  Well what`s happened since I last wrote?

 Well, I have new wheels in the shape of a Magenta pink electric wheelchair. I have pimped it already with Ladybirds that were meant to be luminous, but alas are not, but it`s brilliant!

  I`ve not had much chance to use my new wheels as I have had this virus that has dragged on and become a chest infection. Touch wood it`ll soon get better.

  I`m pretty certain that last month didn`t help at all as it became quite stressful and dragged up unresolved issues. Speaking to my soon to be Ex-Husbands girlfriend and us swapping the missing parts of our jigsaw, was at times hurtful. In turn she too learnt that he had remained in touch with me right up till last year, continued to say he still loved me and visit occasionally.

  From her I learnt that he`d started seeing her only a week or two after leaving me, (6mths after we married) and moved in with her just two months later, they had been friends two months previous to him leaving me. She had left him when she found out she was pregnant just a month after moving in and she left him in shock to which he returned to me, but failed to tell me he`d lived with someone else!

  He was with me again for about 6mths, but continued sleeping with her, telling her that I `was a roof` and wasn`t sleeping with me, which he was. Their baby was born October 16th, (By this time I knew, but he insisted he didn`t want her.) and he left me again soon after.

 For the next two years he continued to txt, make out she was horrible, a nightmare ect, and he was waiting for her to leave him and he`d come back to me and I was stupid enough to want that for a while; Then he stayed for a weekend last Fathers day, spouting off about a row they`d had, and he `still loved me to bits,` blah blah blah, then I woke up when he went back and was too gutless to tell me he was staying again!

He rang this January when I was at a friends, telling me not to `engage` as his girlfriend had said she`d texted me, about our divorce, and this irritated me for months, which lead me to talk with her when I got the chance last month. Then his Girlfriend told me they were trying for another baby and talking marriage and house buying, and not the dismal picture he`d painted of his home life and had painted me badly to her!

  Sadly though, I have lost my Stepson over talking to her, as she left him, which wasn`t my intention but not unexpected as he`d played us both all through. Sadly my Stepson naturally remained loyal to his Dad, which I expected.

  I have since changed my mobile number as I continued to get texts from his Girlfriend but when she decided to leave him, I then got texts from my ex telling me to `do the world a favour and die, etc.` 

  However knowing the full truth has finally moved me on from the whole relationship, end of it and all that has gone on since; I know the facts, and as much as they hurt, it`s filled the gaps. I do believe now that I was no more than childcare with benefits for seven and a half years and a bolt hole in case things don`t work out with his new Gf since, but no more, I feel free of it all, finally!

  Easter has been a quiet affair, as my Son is at his girlfriends. I have had my young Nephews on Good Friday, and they are always good fun but exhausting too as they compete for attention; I love them to bits though, they bring sunshine every time.

 My studys haven`t re-stareted as my financial support application got lost in the post, but I will re-apply in time for the next Psychology module later on in the year.

 I am waiting for Motability to re-fit the plate under my new electric wheels to lock it into the car, and then i`ll need to pluck up the courage to get back behind the wheel!

  I am still fundraising for a new manual wheelchair, but £1004 has been paid towards it already by the NHS, so just the rest to raise now, and a shed to get for ,y outdoor one as it is being kept in the spare room at the moment.

  Until next time, enjoy your Easter, xx.





About Maith an cailin

Born in the 1960s, I`m a single Mum of a young adult. I am a full-time wheelchair user, who has been single since a marriage breakdown in 2008. I live in a UK remote village, not easy with a disability but this is a honest account of a ordinary Woman with a disability.
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