Nature and loving it!

It is now at the end of June and apart from a handful of sunny days, it has mostly rained, but in the words of one of my favourite films, `the Crow` “Can`t rain all the time.”

On the days when it has stopped raining I have put up a small bird station and planted a gold climbing rose next to it, as the birds will be protected and they`ll love the insects attracted.

My garden now has a nightly visitor, a big hedgehog who snuffles round loudly at great speed and very happily.

I have planted flowers round my small pond but still not put my fish in, but must get a move on really or Winter will be upon us in no time.

 I got up at 4:30 on the 21st to see the Midsummer solstice, and though it was only my garden, it was beautiful! The slight frost on the ground, birds waking noisily and the light changing as it rose up from the darkness.

I have just started getting back to gentle working out, despite my leg not being completely mended yet. I am very conscious of my weight and health, and though I am moving back into dating, it is not about how I look. So I am doing my fitness test on my Wii machine each day and have gone from 70 to 49 in fitness age! Boxing is my favourite workout as I don`t get bored with it and it makes me work harder. My three-year old Nephew is my best partner on the Wii for his enthusiasm and he really encourages and praises me, bless him.

I am still chatting, flirting and getting to know my 33 year-old friend to my mind and though he works away a lot and a lot, he never lets a day go by without getting in touch and seems very sweet. I am still not 100% sure it`ll become anything more at this stage, but I am defiantly enjoying the experience and feel more confident than on other similar occasions.

If nothing more, I am certain that I have made a great new friend!

My Son after many years of my nagging his primary, High school and college has finally been diagnosed with Dyslexia. His first sentence to me when he returned from the test at college: “It`s a relief, I always thought i was just thick!” he is now Eighteen and a half years-old!  I am angry, disgusted and shocked that the education system have let him down so badly; I had said all through his schooling that I felt he had it. They said because he could and enjoyed reading that he couldn`t have it, and yet he would struggle with writing, and he still does. His handwriting was big, often backwards and without spaces or punctuation, this improved as he got older;  avoidance was still used as often as he can get away with it though. I even offered to pay half of the test when he was at high school but they never answered me, and a female teacher actually declared to my Son that the school would never do the test as `it would cost the school money.`

My Sons confidence has been dented, he has no self belief in himself. He would rather `fight and flight` than try, and has spent most of his schooling and even college skiving as he convinces himself that he`ll fail before he tries, and doesn`t want to look stupid in front of his peers.

 At least now though they have found it and are helping him put a folder together for his future employers and he feels better in himself.

Not been in the car yet again, and seriously leaning towards giving the idea, car and lessons up, as I can`t see myself ever getting enough confidence to carry on. I`m angry that it was made such a trial for me that took over a year to be sorted out by Motability especially.

About Maith an cailin

Born in the 1960s, I`m a single Mum of a young adult. I am a full-time wheelchair user, who has been single since a marriage breakdown in 2008. I live in a UK remote village, not easy with a disability but this is a honest account of a ordinary Woman with a disability.
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