Children rarely want to know who their parents were before they were parents, and when age finally stirs their curiosity, there is no parent left to tell them. (Russell Baker.) Parent sympathy I have two friends at present who have Husbands that have just lost a parent, and another school friend that is nursing her parent with cancer. I also have friends that grieve the loss of a parent, some within the last couple of years, some many years ago.  Parents empty chair As I type this my Son is giving his opinion on parenthood, the wrongs, rights and how it should be done. He`s 20 years old, has stated quite vehemently that he will never have children and why, as also does his Girlfriend of five years.  It`s so easy at that age, and we`ve all done it. We`ve all looked at someone else’s parenting skills and criticised and thought we could do it better, UNTIL we become parents ourselves, just as they will do! Parents ourselves     I personally have been a living in child-minder, a Foster parent, Child-minder, Angel Mother, Step-Mother and Single Mother, all of it bought laughter and tears, but nothing is as hard and being a full-time parent 24/7.  Watching the most precious person in your life go through their life brings fear, guilt, Pride, stress, happiness, love;  a million different emotions a day. As soon as they are born the world you live in changes from that second,  suddenly you notice wars, environment dangers, food chemicals and all the safety issues in the world that will affect YOUR child. However they will start school and walk on that first day, maybe crying for a little while or walk straight in without looking back, just as we did! Parent not like Along the way you will wipe their tears, mop their scuffed knees, listen to their woes, worry about them at school, want the world to see them as you do, and argue with them when you put guidelines and rules, that they naturally will rebel against, just as they should, and we did!Parents hate you There comes a point when you have to `let go,` and help them into the outside world; the time when yours and their roles change and they are given the wings to fly. You worry about whether you did a good enough job, whether they are prepared, will they cope, and what if this or that happens? They on the other hand, will maybe be a little nervous, but will walk away with very little thought about how you feel; just like we did! Parenting-Quotes-2[1] Time passes and children grow up, and life goes on, and they will no doubt at first struggle with money, relationships, jobs, bills, dreams, hopes and maybe children of their own. It`s this period where they look back and realise that we as parents did make sense, that we did know what we were talking about, and suddenly they appreciate their parents, just as we did! Mum I love you One day we ourselves turn round and not just see our Parents, but their age, the fact they are older, or elderly. We see their fragility, lines and so on. We realise they are not immortal and that we may lose them; just as they once did!Love your parents I am fortunate, both my Parents are still with me, though neither in the best of health, both strong in mind and stubbornness. The nearest I have had to losing a parent is my Stepfather when I was 26, and he had been around since I was 6 years old. At the time my main concern was for my Mother and my very young Sister in their loss. I do remember looking at the coffin, (my first funeral) and thinking it was too small and he`d never fit in there. We`d not had time to say goodbye as he had gone so suddenly, and that leaves regrets, as he had been a good Step-Father and gave me my love of photography. Somebody elses children.   I can`t understand what pain my friends go through in losing their parents, especially those that are or have nursed them through Cancer, etc. I fear losing my own Mum, she is my friend as well as my Mother, and I can`t imagine the enormity of that loss. For those friends that have, and are losing their parents, you are in my thoughts. PARENTS-NotMine

About Maith an cailin

Born in the 1960s, I`m a single Mum of a young adult. I am a full-time wheelchair user, who has been single since a marriage breakdown in 2008. I live in a UK remote village, not easy with a disability but this is a honest account of a ordinary Woman with a disability.
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