Spring cleaning, Decorating & Dogs.

spring cleaning checklist The weather is warming up over here in the Uk and out comes the mops, brushes and out with the old and in with the new. Spring cleaning 3 I have turned what was the spare/junk room into a study. So desk, papers, growing amount of psychology books are now out of my over crowded bedroom and beautifully set out in the spare room. This will be extra helpful as I have a three hour exam in June. Spring cleaning 2 So now my bedroom once again is a uncluttered place to rest, relax and sleep, so it`s lovely to be able to switch from student to me. So decorating is next on the agenda! Tropical I have been saving odds and ends to decorate my lounge, and got one idea from Peter Andre`s 60 minute make over one day. I don`t normally watch daytime television but my Mum loves Mr Andre and so I decided to have a watch one afternoon a few months ago. The theme on this day was Tropical and I loved the way they painted the wall in a sort of blended wave. Ever since I have been collecting £50 a months worth of decorating things or bits n bobs to go with the new colour scheme in a seaside theme as I love the sea. Beach-House-Decorating-Ideas-with-natural-themes   The housing association are re-doing the bathroom and kitchen in May for better disabled access and so that was another reason that prompted me as that only leaves me with the living room and my bedroom to pay for and decorated, starting with the lounge when the warmer weather comes as paint fumes and asthma don`t mix! soft-purple-living-room Then Id like to have my bedroom in this colour, but will need to re paint the doors of my wardrobes in silver grey as my furniture is all blue doors! Happy Mothers Day.Yesterday was Mothers day in the UK, so I spent the morning with mine, and then joined by my Sister and her crew. Mum had woken up feeling down, so I hope  we all cheered her up. Happy Mothers day from the dog! MY Son had his Girlfriend over for the weekend and so Mothers day, apparently, was put off till today.  Hurtful, yes, but expected too as he`s never been one for remembering cards and so on. However he did surprise me today with two boxes of chocs, two dvds and a packet of biscuits, which was sweet but more so the words in his card, which meant far more.St patricks day pot of gold.   We celebrated St Patrick’s a day early too as my Sons girlfriend was here and I like to include her as a honorary Paddy. So I made two Irish stews, one with and one without meat, with soda bread. (She too doesn`t eat meat like me.)Part Irish all trouble On the Monday, the actual St Patricks day, I made Colcannon, which was gorgeous, and my Son had Richmond sausages and mine veggie. Fattening but lush!

Men are low on my list of priorities, but isn`t it the way that when you don`t bother that is the time things start to happen. I don`t necessarily mean in a relationship sense.

Lil wake up for the ladies Disabled male models An old friend of my Sons Father got in contact some weeks ago and we have become friends, as we always got on well all those years ago. It`s not and never will be in a romantic sense as I just don`t see him that way but he`s easy to get a long with, if not a little intense at times. A man I have spoken to in months, that has been on and off in contact, we have finally agreed to meet up as friends. It`s been a distance problem and he is a bit of a workaholic. There is another man, but though he remains in contact and rings occasionally I am not sure he is really that bothered and only time will tell. I was at a mental health meet the other day and got on well with one of the gentlemen there, and we had a interest in the local Buddhist centre in common, so he took my number. To be honest I didn`t think a lot about it at the time, until someone said: “You and so n so were getting on well weren`t you?”    A cup of friendship Every breed Talking of dogs, there is a lot of talk about dangerous dogs over here and BSL. Dear animals, It upsets me to see innocent dogs put down because we fail as a species, we dump them, breed them for extra money, abuse them, use them as sport and keep them until we get bored. Yes, some dogs do attack and sadly children are often the target and are killed by the dogs that are not treated as the wolves in our homes.  We tend to anthropomorphize dogs, which often confuses them; they are often not socialised around children beforehand, to get used to them. Dogs live as packs, we should respect that, and learn to understand how they see us, and not just expect them to fit in. I have taken in dogs but never leave them alone with young children; children tend to get in animals faces, they grab at them, fall on them and neither the dog or the child anticipate the others next move or the emotions within. I do think dogs are great companions when growing up though. I grew up with a mongrel dog,I loved her and sobbed my heart out when she had to be put down in illness.  She had her own story too though, my first introduction to cruelty. She would bite feet with trainers on; her reason? When she was born, and still with her mother, her owner would come in from the pub and kick them, he wore trainers and she never forgot!

Dog fighter Dog fighting.

Adopt Don't shop I bought a dog when I wa 21, but since then I have only taken in unwanted or dogs from places like

http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/default.aspx. Dog I am not a perfect owner by a long stretch, because I can`t always walk them, but they have always been loved spayed, neutered, chipped and lived to old ages of 14, 15 and 18 and my little one now is in her 14th year. I can`t get my head round the mentality of having a dog for years and them dumping them because they are old now or any other petty excuse. Dogs are not a commodity! They are for life! Forever dog I watched a two part programme called Dangerous dogs, heartbreaking in places, made me angry in others and highlighted the real problem, people! https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/dangerous-dogs/series-1/episode-1

“What is the RSPCA’s position on BSL?

There is no evidence to support the notion that some breeds or types of dog are, by their nature, more dangerous than others. BSL punishes certain types of dogs for the way they look and fails to consider a dog’s individual behaviour when determining whether or not they are dangerous. As a result, dogs whose behaviour poses no risk are branded ‘dangerous’ just because of their appearance. The RSPCA want to see an end to breed specific legislation. Dogs can’t help who their owners are, yet the law unfairly places the onus of responsibility on them, rather than the irresponsible actions of the owner.

BSL: Dont believe the type

The RSPCA sees the impact of BSL first hand. Some dogs brought into our centres, as part of cruelty investigations, are later identified by the police as a prohibited type. Despite many of these dogs being friendly, well socialised and perfect candidates for rehoming to responsible owners, the law doesn’t allow them to be rehomed. This causes much heartbreak for our staff who form very strong bonds with these dogs, particularly as many of them have only ever known violence or neglect from their owners.” Give the love I left behind   A dog is for life, and should be loved just like any other member of your family, and if so will reward you with unconditional love and loyalty for it`s lifetime, I should know!


About Maith an cailin

Born in the 1960s, I`m a single Mum of a young adult. I am a full-time wheelchair user, who has been single since a marriage breakdown in 2008. I live in a UK remote village, not easy with a disability but this is a honest account of a ordinary Woman with a disability.
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