Summertime & swotting……flip flop weather.

july July brings grockles, (A West country word for a tourist) sunshine and the laughter of children and dogs barking.  For some it brings dips in the sea and visiting family that lives far and wide. School holidays bring earth Parents contentment and working Parents guilt, juggling techniques, and financial worries. The festival season brings mud, rain, good music and memories. Here in the UK, we`re lucky if we get more than a few days sunshine, but never the less we sit out there complaining of the heat, lol. Storms over Suffolk This July though we`ve had Mediterranean temperatures and storms that have rumbled over days. The lightening, (of which terrifies me) has reduced roofs and the rainfall yet more floods this year. I enjoy the sun but am not meant to sit in it long after having a skin patch removed a few years ago, a warning that my Celtic skin could develop cancer. Kitchen build The Kitchen and Bathroom are now done and dusted, all set up and being used. Shower build I love them both, though  now have to save to paint the walls, especially as there is squares where the previous cupboards were.  My Son keeps leaving the shower head at the top, despite my sticky note on the tiles, that`s been frustrating, lol. Exam thoughts I did my exam in June, only a few days after the last builder had left and I was still cleaning up and putting away. The stress had been tough and id had no time to revise, and so I predicted failure, especially as it was my first exam since I was sixteen and didn`t know what to expect. Exam anxiety The invigilator was a nice man, very old English in his manner and dress. I had set up my study room with an extra table and chair for him to sit in and he sat and read `The times,` which made me smile inside. I did all I needed to do before taking my place at my desk and him handing me the exam paper. He set the time and my three hours would begin! Exam blank My mind just went completely blank! I looked at the questions and nothing……………………! It was a sudden sinking feeling and I just knew it was going to be a long three hours. It was in three parts and part one and two were three essays at 45minutes each; the grading is quite harsh- 6 TMAs, one a month,  to one exam and the result from the exam determined my overall grade.  exam fail  The sad outcome was though, I failed with a result of 36. 😦 Exam failed I  can resit but it will be capped. Module results following a resit or resubmission are normally capped at the lowest available grade of pass, but I plan on trying in September. failure-henry-ford So revision is the name of the game at the moment, and a hope that my swotting brings success next time with a better idea of what to expect. Mens excuses Since last April I have texted, skyped and stayed in touch with a man I first became friends with on a dating site that I`ve since left. We have always got on well and always aimed to meet, despite a distance of 82.o mi, as he always said he`d drive to my area. He`s always done most of the running, even when Id tried to cut contact in the past, as I`ve always had suspicions that he may already be involved. However I told him recently I doubt we ever will meet up as he can be hot n cold in replies and staying in touch, and I still suspect he may be with someone, (despite still saying he`s not) but his inconsistency suggests it may be the case.  Disappointing but not the end of the world, though he`s quite cute in his shyness.  Ying yang  I haven`t been good over the last two months at sticking to my Tai chi or meditation, I should make time but instead procrastinate, not good, and I intend to change that without putting off tomorrow what I can do today! Change My Son is still enjoying his job, and returns home saying what he`s done each day; I`m very proud of him and he`s doing well.  Some of the bigger things that have happened in our area, such as music events etc,  he has been part of the crew that organised, set up and run them. We have had our financial disagreements since, but that`s life and we always get it sorted in the end, like any Mother, I have my ways! lolTo my Son I am not a big fan of the summertime as I see it like this:  A-picture-of-a-crowd-of-peoplewhen really Id like to feel like this: Thank you. Enjoy your summertime!


I just want to remember someone that featured hugely in my youth, and remember Rik Mayall who died on June the 9th, a genius & naturally funny man. 

About Maith an cailin

Born in the 1960s, I`m a single Mum of a young adult. I am a full-time wheelchair user, who has been single since a marriage breakdown in 2008. I live in a UK remote village, not easy with a disability but this is a honest account of a ordinary Woman with a disability.
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