Nearly Christmas!

36 sleeps to christmas

 19th, November 2014. 

Winter solstice deer

It`s nearly that time of year again, where in our home the Holly and Mistletoe come out, where we eat Yule logs on the 21st and then go with the flow as it`s also my Sisters birthday over the Christmas period. It`s a time of Family and togetherness, especially for the youngest members, and our mother who`s age seems more noticeable as time flies. I enjoy having them all around and opening presents with the children and seeing their excitement.


 It seems only yesterday that I was putting out milk, mince pies and carrots with my Son, and later my Stepson too. All the sneaking about at midnight, hoping neither boy would wake, and once the presents were out, covering them in baby powder and glitter and placing a bootprint in the white. Every year a cry of `He`s been!` would be heard after only being asleep a matter of hours, all so worth it though and to be cherished years on. 


There are still some traditions to be kept to, one being Snowman, no matter how old you get!Snowman Father Christmas. (Raymond Briggs features highly in December!) father_christmasand then finally, Home alone, which my Nephews now also enjoy!


  For me Yule is a pretty time, and one of warmth cosiness and Family. It celebrates the return of the sun and the shortest day, the longest night, with it comes new hope and bonfires. Though it is more homely in the aspect of bringing in the Yule log to the fireside and kindled at dusk, though in England it had not to be brought as that was seen as unlucky. Often the logs were decorated in evergreens, something my creative side enjoys to do.


 The ashes are often used for protective healing or fertility charms, or scattered over the fields. Magick-YuleLogBlessings I`m not really bothered with New year, mine was on October the 31st, but I do like to hear the ships honk on the rivers and see the fireworks as I sit in the garden. I`m quite glad I have an alternative new year as I`m often alone these days, and it may be otherwise lonely and a downer to start a new year that way. However as Samhain is our New year, it is full of excited little children dressed up and having fun. It starts at dawn thinking of those no longer with us,  reflecting on the last 12mths, any unresolved business, and seeing in a new year. and preparing for the new.

Online dating lies

At this present time though. Mr White van man (From previous blog)  deleted his profile and once again has disappeared and so I sent him a text which simply said I once again believed him to be MARRIED or living with someone, funnily enough he never answered!

Disability devotee

 As for the Widow grieving his disabled wife, I simply said:

I have read and re-read your messages and it`s my feeling that it is too soon for you. You are clearly still grieving and to rush into a new relationship wouldn`t necessarily feel right for you so soon. (I am a volunteer mental health be-friender.)
******  sounded a lovely Lady, but I suspect she and I are quite different in character. I am a very strong person mentally, I have had to be and I don`t particularly like being cared for, I prefer a relationship to be 50/50, I`m not at all submissive. I just believe that by the amount that you talk of your late wife that you are still coming to terms with your loss and quite naturally still miss her hugely and it may be too early for you to move on.

He has since gone very quiet and not inundated me with long messages as he was doing previously, so what to think really? I have my own deductions as he put under profession `Late wifes carer 24/7` and yet she passed in 2013, but maybe I`m too harsh or suspicious.


1 week till christmas

Well the children in my Family and I have watched the `snowman,` etc, with the added bonus of his snowdog and `The bear.` snowdog

The bearSo with only a week to go, we are almost there and I`ve had four under 5s in my home over the weekend that can`t wait!

Sisters by choice

With my Family seeming dysfunctional in society, to me it`s more than functional, not to mention never dull. I have siblings here there and everywhere, including one that is not biologically related, but as one parent had a huge part to play in her upbringing and I`ve known her since she was a child, we are sorta Sisters. She drove 251 miles last Friday to visit and bring her Children and hectic, boisterous and loud, I loved it! Her friend came with her young child too and I turned an otherwise normal weekend into a fun filled Family time! Unbiological sister

Blesses by friendshipI had lunch with a friend that has proven time after time how invaluable she is as a friend, her calm presence has been beside me in some of my toughest times since moving to this county, and i`m often in revere of her. She has come through dark times of her own with dignity and her usual quiet way. This year I deliberately hunted for the perfect present for her as despite not living in each others pockets, often not speaking for a while, she is without a doubt my most loyal and steadfast friend. (We`ve all had fair-weather friends and mine really showed their true colours when I needed them for a change.) lived-them-with-you-friendship-picture-quote


The world recently has been a place of fear and heartbreak, the news is full of hostage scenes, The horrors of Peshawar, the Sidney siege, A three year old having access to a gun and shooting their Mother as she changed their nappy, a four year old shooting a three year old, the mental health system failing a newborn baby and her unwell Mummy, Austerity for the vulnerable, Teenage boys of 13+ murdering,  stories that fill us with dread and despair for our Children`s future. a_world_of_fear_by_planarisu-d6e5mxv

With these in mind it is so good to see stories like the following emerging, they bring a little bit of hope and happiness to each and every one of us!

Stephen Sutton was an amazing soul that not only bought a lot of hope but I somehow feel left a mark on peoples thinking, if he could do it, so could we!

Stephen Sutton and only thes last few weeks randon acts of kindness have been bought to our attention, long may it last!

Meal offer the William IV Pub, in Shepherdess Walk, Islington, is offering free meals because we can William IV Pub in Islington.

A Preston art student raises over £20,000 for a homeless man who tried to help her get home safely

An art student living in Preston has raised over £21,000 for a homeless man, after she says he offered her his last £3 so that she could get a taxi home safely. Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, who attends the University of Central Lancashire, had lost her bank card and needed to get home after a night out.  The homeless man, known only as Robbie, offered his last £3 to help her. Dominique, aged 22 said she declined the offer, but was so moved by his gesture that she started a campaign to raise enough money to help him get a flat. Setting up a donation donation page she then asked people to each donate £3 for her fundraiser, which involved spending the night on the street, along with supporters who had heard about her story through social media.

Kayleigh Moran was out with her daughter, Daisy, when a random man came up to her and handed her an envelope stuffed with cash £200

20year old Kayleigh Moran was out with her toddler daughter in Greater Manchester when a man put an envelope in her hand and told her not to open it till she got home, in it was £200! She`s over the moon as she can now visit her mum in Wales, which she wasn`t able to do, so a real life Santa struck. £20 notes

A mystery donor has left more than £2,000 in cash at the door of a charity shop in Exeter. They left the money in a bag outside the store in Cowick Street with other second-hand goods.

Irish cousins

A Cousin in Ireland wrote this morning: Went into my local chemist this morning and he gave me a goody bag of items as a Christmas gift for my custom through the year.

Then there`s The `Nicest man in Britain,` Luke Cameron, 26, who has done a good deed every daythis year, he started because of losing a  close family friend Maura in 2013 from cancer. Luke Cameron

To add to to the change of spirit in an otherwise reserved nation, we have this gem of good natured community spirit! Singer Neil Francis and the platform of singing commuters


About Maith an cailin

Born in the 1960s, I`m a single Mum of a young adult. I am a full-time wheelchair user, who has been single since a marriage breakdown in 2008. I live in a UK remote village, not easy with a disability but this is a honest account of a ordinary Woman with a disability.
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