Most activism is brought about by us ordinary people. Patricia Hill Collins.

Herd mentality   -Friedrich-Nietzsche-Quotes

I am a Disabled, Vegetarian, anti trident, anti hunting, animal rescuing woman that only uses eco & non animal tested products in her home, that has tried to raise her Son to see what a strong, independent woman can achieve.Ghandi

I try to live by what I believe, but I don`t tend to dictate my values onto others, despite them being important to me.

Herd mentality 4

It shocks me though, the amount of venom I see amongst people on the internet aimed at others that don`t match their beliefs; their personal beliefs spat and used as ammunition to degrade and intimidate others.

Herd mentality  5

I have been disabled since my Mothers womb, although I know no different, I have only been a fulltime wheelchair for 22yrs. I have rarely felt the need to use my disability as a `get out of jail free card` and have never considered myself hard done by or hard up.

I once went to a Disability meeting in London, and left totally ashamed and embarrassed to be disabled after listening to a person`s able bodied relative being lambasted by the disabled there; It wasn`t positive for their cause. I have since been told by people that they`re afraid to hold doors open or help, after being verbally attacked when doing so by the disabled. (Even able bodied people have doors held open for them, i`ve seen it!) Notes left on cars with blue badges by other blue badge holders when they `don`t look disabled enough,` when in fact they may have an unseen disability. (I have been guilty of assuming in the past, but now hopefully know better.) Disabled parking note


I have been a vegetarian since I was 21, that`s a long time now, I have only lapsed when in a controlling relationship where I was subjected to humiliation for my beliefs, as soon as that was over I returned to not eating meat. I have a manner of reasons for choosing this way of life: All animals tremble

1, I don`t believe there is any kind way to kill another sentient being.

2, Mass production means animals are only seen as a commodity and not a living being.

3, I don`t believe we have a clue what drugs are fed or placed into animals to make them fatten up etc, and then these are consumed by those that eat them.

4, I don`t approve of the way these beings are kept from birth to death, separated from mothers, Killed for being the wrong sex, etc.

5, In the words of George bernard Shaw, `Animals are my friends, and I don`t eat my friends.`

6. I don`t understand why people cry and get upset about Dogs being eaten and can`t see the same about pigs, cows, lambs, etc. The Tesco horror about Horse meat was a classic example of that.

7. I believe my diet is healthier and brings about a better, more thought out lifestyle, I think about what I eat and the benefits outweigh any social inconvenience I have when eating out.

8. I am happy! Rabbit or Apple

I am happy to respect other people`s choices though, I don`t inflict mine and won`t say anything unless asked, because It is MY choice, not there`s.

I am on animal sites where I have obtained my battery hens or rescue animals and see the hatred directed at those that have rescued hens, etc but still choose to eat meat. I myself have been under attack for not going completely Vegan, and yet, at home I eat dairy free products such at margarine, milk, etc, it is only when out I choose not to expect others to buy soya milk just for me!Vegan oppression I respect my Son`s choice to eat meat, though we use separate frying pans, etc, and I know that has been frowned upon by some in the past, but just as I never chose his religion or clothes sense I also don`t choose his eating choices, they have to be his and come from the right place. His Girlfriend though HAS become vegetarian in the time they have been together and she`s been visiting here.

I speak for those with no voice

I have taken in rescue animals since I had my first home, dogs, cats, rats, mice, all sorts, even a owl that was hit by a car bumper, seagulls, a goose, so many. I used to volunteer with a rabbit rescue but soon realised that the woman I took the rabbits in for was letting the rescue place think she was doing it all herself, no mention of me! FB_IMG_1444815517500

I have always supported animal charities, not always financially, as that would cost a fortune but in Christmas cards, and putting the word out, but have often thought that they see every person interested in a animal as a potential wrong`un until proven otherwise. They can often give out the wrong signals because they see so much abuse, sometimes seeming hostile.



I first learnt about Nuclear bombs during my CSE Art exam where I did a black and white depiction of victims of a bomb and only the nuclear explosion was coloured, I got a B in this exam. My Art teacher was a typically travelled to India hippie type, and my favourite teacher because she taught us more than just the basic subjects. I loved listening to her travelling tales while we worked.

In Devon, at College, my electronics tutor was of a similar vein to my art teacher.My tutor refused to have a tele in his home, preferring to let his children lead a more natural lifestyle. He taught me pyrography and I made a wooden pendant with the CND sign on it, and had a anti trident poster on my wall in my room, amongst the latest pop idols, all because of listening to him talk.

With the recent activity of leaders chosen by media raised generations, for all the wrong reasons, I fear that Trident control is more necessary than ever. Even the fact that people accept so easily nuclear power with no fear of the dangers if anything goes wrong fills me with dread! hiroshima-shadows

Hiroshima should have been a lesson to us all, but nothing was learnt, and now Tridents are more powerful than ever, NOTHING would survive, so why are we so determined to defend them as deterrents against war? Stop the Trident

It is the same fear that keeps guns in peoples home for protection, where innocent children accidental shoot each other, and people shoot each other for the wrong reasons, or mass shootings happen! Can you imagine that same mentality let loose with a Trident?

I know the arguments for this, they come thick and fast, people rally for and against but to me it makes no logical sense to keep something in each and every country, they cost millions, where money could be spend on the good, for people rather than fear, death and destruction.

Nuclear Power-Free Countries

The growing list of countries pledging to phase out nuclear power:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Scotland (100% renewable by 2020)
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

Countries which are no longer nuclear powered, or never were and have pledged to stay to that way:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belize
  • Cambodia
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Nepal
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Spain

Would envy the dead

Enviroment Vs Money

As you probably know by now if you read my blog regularly, I follow a Pagan path. The earth, elements and nature are important to me. I quietly do my bit to help save our planet by not bringing anything into my home that poisons the water, kills the soil or harms anything living alongside us. I believe if we all chose to do this, we would be leaving not only a better planet for our children but a less material message to pass down. The prices would come down as eco and organic products cost more at the moment, and it would become the norm to show we care rather than `hippie` as it is seen now.

If organic products cost less more people would eat healthier by choice and convenience foods would not be the first option for struggling parents; obesity would also become less and so on.Instead we invest more money in wider ambulances, trolleys and the suchlike, costing millions and adapting homes for those already obese instead of educating them. Why do we always choose the less obvious option?

People become so militant about their beliefs, which I understand, and political correctness is one such subject where speaking the truth causes outcry and is seen as bullying, though some do go too far and refuse to back down in their passion, it`s a fine line. Bullying

All one race

Being Gay

Do marches work? Does shouting someone down make them listen, (it doesn`t seem to in the house of commons) does being passionate make you any more right? you-dont-need-religion-to-have-morals-if-you-cant-determine-right-from-wrong-then-you-lack-empathy-quote-1I don`t know but I know these people made the world listen, and they did it by example not conflict.

I like to stay quiet and just live by example. I am somebody



About Maith an cailin

Born in the 1960s, I`m a single Mum of a young adult. I am a full-time wheelchair user, who has been single since a marriage breakdown in 2008. I live in a UK remote village, not easy with a disability but this is a honest account of a ordinary Woman with a disability.
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