Helpliner. (Poem.)



You don`t know me,

 I`m a voice on the phone,

A number you chose to call,

 To share your deepest fears.

You call from a place of safety,

 Anonymous from your home,

A haven that`s a safe prison,

 Where rituals and habits rule.

You cry out your despair,

 Sob your sheer panic aloud;

You share your darkest secrets,

 Your life story pours out.

Sometimes you vent your anger,

 I am your target that day.

Venting your frustrations,

 We somehow find a different way.

You may ring to share fantasies,

 The off chance taken to thrill,

You`re redirected hastily,

 As your needs I simply distil.

You ring me in loneliness,

 Your solitude suffocating,

You`re one of my `regulars`,

Weeks have passed,

                           no one visiting;

You ruminate,

                                      building fears,

 Reaching fever pitch alone,

Your worst case scenarios,

 We crisis breath,

                          we talk,

 so you`re not alone.

You`re individuals,

                                                     each one,

 Separate lives,

                                           different seasons.

Sometimes a loved one phones,

 Unable to comprehend the reasons;

Their call as valuable as yours,

 They try to understand;

                                                    they want to,

They feel frustrated,

                                                    then guilt,

 They call as they love you.

I listen to you all,

                                               each person,



with empathy,

I focus on your words,

                                              between the lines,

 The unsaid deciphered silently.

I cherish your thank you`s,

  I Leave the line with a smile,

I helped you today,

                                        You praised me,

 I heard you relax,

                                              laugh even,

 It wasn`t easy,

                                                   but thank you!






Wednesday, 07 September 2016.





About Maith an cailin

Born in the 1960s, I`m a single Mum of a young adult. I am a full-time wheelchair user, who has been single since a marriage breakdown in 2008. I live in a UK remote village, not easy with a disability but this is a honest account of a ordinary Woman with a disability.
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