To love is so startling it leaves little time for anything else. Emily Dickinson.

Gone in a second
  One person that would have been over the moon to hear all about my canine partner adventures, to see pictures and support me every step of the way had she been able has just passed away last month, a week before her 97th birthday.
 She hadn`t been able to write for a couple of years, as dementia had taken over. I always felt that was such an injustice to a woman that was always so sharp-minded, so youthful in her thinking even through her elder years. What a life she must have had though and so many historic changes in her life, both good, bad and wonderous!
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Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings. Jane Austen.


Again it`s been a while since I added to my blog as life is sweeping me along and finding time to fit everything in and look after myself can be difficult.

Sisters by choice

I met up with family at the new year they came to stay, it was busy and fun, and a great way to bring in the New year!. I`ve known my sort of sister since she was about ten or eleven. She was a typical tomboy that played football in the streets with her dog, and could hold her own in a fight but wasn`t having the best start in life at home. Today she is raising a girlie girl that loves sparkly things and being pretty; like her Mum though I doubt she`d take any nonsense! She`s also raising a sweet natured, kind little boy that has a smile that makes you melt. She works hard, has goals and she`s  an amazing Mum with amazing kids and I`m so proud of her as she has come so far despite the challenges.

Heyshott 2

February took me and a friend on a trip to West Sussex. There had been a number of emails and calls between myself and Canine Partners in the weeks leading up to it and then finally, THAT call: `We think we`ve found the right dog for you!`

MMy trip to Sussex was quite an adventure too as it happens! Bless my friend for taking me and quite brave of her too but there was a host of things she had failed to tell me, such as, she hasn`t driven far in many years, she doesn`t use a sat nav, she can only drive manual and that when booking the WAV she hadn`t really spoken with them about the vehicle she had volunteered to drive or that when she volunteered she had hoped that my other friend would be back by then to drive me instead, lol

 She had arranged with the vehicle hire to have the car dropped off at mine at 2 pm, (She hoped to miss the traffic in London) The vehicle arrived at 1 pm but she was still at home an hour away. The vehicle was HUGE, the sort I hated at `special` school.  They had thought two wheelchairs meant two disabled people in two wheelchairs. When my friend finally arrived the two gentlemen spent ages showing her how to strap and unstrap the wheelchair into this monstrosity but NOT how to drive it! They had gone by the time we started to set off after 3 and my friend didn`t know how to drive it at all as it was automatic. So my brother in law was telling her on the phone from work and my Sister was texting or calling too! When we finally set off I could see that my friend was anxious (Something about her white knuckles on the steering wheel was a bit of a giveaway, lol) and stressed. She mistook the pedal a few times and slammed on the break, it was a very good job that myself and the wheelchairs were strapped in as we got thrown forward with a jolt.  She also stalled more than once which was a bit frightening especially on a busy road.
 She had all these printed out directions that her hubby had done for her, and there I was sitting in the back of the van in my electric wheelchair with my mobile torch directing her, which got increasingly difficult as it got darker.
 We got to Chelmsford and we had to ring the hire people and tell them that she could no longer drive the minibus. By this time I think we were both too scared to carry on. My friend was obviously terrified driving something so out of her comfort zone and I was increasingly anxious at the fact she looked and sounded so anxious and was making so many mistakes. The hire company very kindly worked out a way forward and then offered to change it there and then despite being out of hours. We sat in McDonald’s at Chelmsford for and hour as the van was freezing and we hadn`t eaten for hours. They finally came after many calls to and throw, the manager and his wife in a Peugeot that was far more suited to both our needs.
We set off again, my friend felt a bit more at ease as it was a manual drive. I didn`t feel like I was rattling around in a fridge freezer tin can, though it still got colder after a while.
 We finally got to Liphook at 9 pm but it took another hour before we found the Metro as we drove round and round; tired, too dark to read the directions easily and both still anxious from the stressful trip.
 We got to the Metro at ten only to find that despite telling the Metro booking place that I was attending Canine Partners and needed a room near my `carer` in case I need help, that because I’d not actually used the word wheelchair they had not booked me a disabled room. The two rooms booked were upstairs and they have no lift!
 The man at the desk had a short notice reshuffle and found me a ground floor room at the end of the corridor. However I couldn`t fit my wheelchair through the bathroom door, but luckily I could lodge it in the doorway and hop towards the loo holding onto the wall. The next morning though my friend had to remove a wheel to get the wheelchair into the bathroom for me to wash!
The previous night I had had to fill in a fire risk form due to my disability etc but had there been a fire that morning I would have been trapped in the bathroom and unable to get out and my friend would have been upstairs in her room packing while I washed.
 After a wash (The bath had no plug and the shower was too high) we left and had breakfast at Starbucks, which was lovely. We set off for Midhurst but after a while of going round and round I started to use the satnav on my mobile and we finally got to the CP at 11 am but I was due at 10!
 The dog trainer came down and I apologized profusely as I was embarrassed, but he was fine. I had to borrow one of their wheelchair chargers as mine had been left under the carport at home in all the van curfuffle.
 Finally, after a good chat, the trainer went to collect my dog match! (She was worth everything, She came in and she is perfect!)
 I did some cone work, going round the cones while using the command words to make the dog turn, stop, etc, and it was so much easier in my own wheelchair (Last time I had to borrow one of theirs) and it didn`t take long before she began looking to me for my next instructions instead of the trainer. We went outside for a walk and into one of the paddocks for a play, I loved it all and so did she.
 We went back inside and the trainer said I was a natural with dogs and he felt really good about the match but that he would ring the following day for how I felt and if I wanted to continue.
 The journey home was a little less eventful as I just used my mobile until we got onto the A3, despite it eating my battery per second.
 The journeys to and from put my anxiety levels and asthma through the roof and it took a few days not to feel exhausted and got a virus not long after and had to up my inhalers. My friend and I can laugh about it all now though as really it was like something from a really bad comedy sketch! lol
 A few lessons about the car hire were learned though and I have spoken to them directly with clear instructions of what`s needed in April.
 The dog trainer rang me the following day and of course, I said yes! A dogs love
  So now I am all set to go back mid-April, the vehicle is paid for barring £60. My senior dog is going to her previous owner, so I know she`ll be safe and looked after. The dog loo is built and almost ready, and the garden is safe from all rubbish and the hens fenced off. (Though at the moment getting through the dog loo trellis, so the fence isn`t working.) I am already mentally packing and practicing getting up earlier as I am not a morning person by nature. I can`t wait to see my dog again and have already bought her a pink elephant toy to play with. We`ll train for two weeks, hopefully, graduate and then we come home together! Heyshott

y trip to Liphook was quite an adventure too as it happens! Bless Sally for taking me and quite brave of her too but there was a host of things she had failed to tell me, such as, she hasn`t driven far in many years, she doesn`t use a sat nav, she can only drive manual and that when booking the WAV she hadn`t really spoken with them about the vehicle she had volunteered to drive.


My trip to Liphook was quite an adventure too as it happens! Bless Sally for taking me and quite brave of her too but there was a host of things she had failed to tell me, such as, she hasn`t driven far in many years, she doesn`t use a sat nav, she can only drive manual and that when booking the WAV she hadn`t really spoken with them about the vehicle she had volunteered to driv



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Voices flow,

    like rivers,


     like rivers.


       like rivers.

Voices talk,





rushing their emotions,

     in streams undammed;

Weaving around,


sweeping up debris,

in a continuous flow,



                               voices talk,

                                    like rivers.



One thing about working on the helpline never ceases to amaze, fascinate, intrigue, I’m not sure what the right word should be, but is often finding out the age of the person (usually women) I’m talking to. Why? It often comes as a surprise when they tell me they are over 60, and yet their voice has had me thinking I am talking to someone much younger.

Was it their terminology? Their voice itself? Attitude? I often don`t know and yet I can speak to another and be left thinking they were much older than their years. Often I’m left thinking age is merely a state of mind, or a result of our life experiences that has left us afraid to lead a full life and leave us living a timid, reclusive, safe life that leaves us old beyond our years.

Our voices on the telephone can be a disguise as no one can see us, we can be any age or anyone we want to be. I answer the helpline in the safe knowledge that they can`t see my disability, my wheelchair, and for those few moments I am their equal, their mentor, their safe place for a little while.

Rivers through us.jpg







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We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. Mother Teresa

Where to start this blog, as I haven`t been here for a while, life has been busy. Also despite finding writing a blog very cathartic, I`m also a little wary about over sharing, which is why I stay anonymous.april-2015-048

Life has been full this year, not by everyone’s standards but by my own as a disabled person. At times it has been tiring, sometime`s I’ve needed some `me` time, but I have enjoyed it and feel a more accepted part of my community, despite never quite losing the disabled lady tag.


I have just looked and it`s been three months since I last typed this!


I made a deliberate effort this year to get out and about. I never went far outside of where I live, (I`m aware that it`s more effort for others then, as in driving, lugging my wheelchair in and out of cars and then pushing me as I can`t take my electric wheels, they`re too big for standard cars)  but I went to groups, met up with friends and attended coffee mornings. I visited a museum and made a host of new friends along the way.  People remember me, the usual question is, “Have you heard about your dog yet?” garon

I haven’t heard about meeting my Canine partner yet, (It`s been 18mths)  but I feel a new surge of belonging  amongst the `purple army` of people that have these dogs. Through Facebook they have embraced me, advised me, reassured me and are as eagerly anticipating that call with me.

I met one of the girls this weekend, and her beautifully behaved boy that stood by her side and greeted everyone lovingly, while never taking his eyes off his `mum` for too long.

I then met the young pup in the picture above, who is now 6 months old and still in training with his puppy parents.

The more I hear and see, the more excited I am for when that day comes, in fact, my bag is starting to get packed and included are a soft toy and chew bone, together with an ID for its collar. The `Purple army` assure me that my life will never be the same again, that the joy of becoming `invisible` is one of the best results in a world, where we`re so used to being looked at or ignored, now their dog is the focus of attention and the start of conversations on equal terms. It isn`t only about what they can do for us physically.


Some of my Family came to stay for a week. Three of my Nephews, all under 12, and their Mum came down south on the train, which took them hours from the North West.  We decided before they came that we were going to make memories and that we did.

We filled each day with something, with the help of friends of mine, and including them made it all the more special. I couldn`t always join in, but just watching them and being with them was enough, and they never failed to include me somehow.

Their Mum is a powerhouse, a wonder woman and the best mother I have ever seen, she gets involved in everything they do and often with more enthusiasm than them, lol.

As a friend, there is nothing we can`t talk about, and I simply adore her, she is amazing considering all that she has gone through in life.

To see my nephews after a couple of years was wonderful, they are such well-behaved gentlemen that stand up for other people on buses, shake hands when introduced to people and are always grateful for what they are given. They are great company, good conversationalists and I missed them too much when they returned home, but we had made some great memories and took over 300 pictures between us! family-time

I took over the administration for a Poetry group this Summer too. At first, I was a little self-conscious and didn`t want to be pushy or control the money side of it, and so I opened up and asked another Lady to take that over.I am now part of a duo that gets it sorted for others to enjoy, which is a nice feeling.  My Friend who takes me said that I shocked her and I suddenly looked like I belonged and had more confidence. I was a poet, it is my natural domain and I understand it. So now I do all the advertising, putting it out there on local pages to bring people in, and organize the posters etc and then read my own or others poems when I get there. I thoroughly enjoy it.cohen


Ahhhhhhhhh and then there’s this, the menopause! As if Periods, Pregnancy, childbirth, Sore & leaky nipples during breastfeeding were not enough! Now I`m having tropical moments as my friend calls them, and waking up at night as though I’m in a sauna! September gave me a 23 day period but October kindly chose not to give me one at all! My sleep has been all over the show since last year, and roughly six and a half hours is average according to my Fitbit. I feel tired a lot but fortunately, they are my only real signs, I generally feel alright, though not as tolerant as I used to be.

I have visited my hospital as I fear lower bone density, which is any able bodied woman is a worry, but with a woman with Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a double worry. However, I am assured that Osteoporosis and Osteogenesis don`t team up, they run separately, so though I may gain Osteoporosis, it won`t affect my Osteogenesis (Are you following this?)  but I still may start to fracture more, simply because of the menopause. (It`s still not good news!) resistance-bands

So off I trot to an occupational therapist for combat strategies, and I leave with info, and a resistance band!


Despite tropical moments, I went back on a dating site, simply because out and about I am usually surrounded by couples and It looks nice.


I was chatting to a guy for just over two months and he decided to ask if I’d like to meet up for lunch the next day, of course, I agreed. He`s not my `normal` type, he`s a couple of years older than me, a little overweight, but let’s be honest, where has my normal type got me so far? We get on well in text and never a day went by that we hadn`t shared our day with each other, so I was quietly optomistic.

So, I was waiting on whether or not a car he had fixed up for a MOT or not (He`s a mechanic) as to whether or not he could meet up still. He texted to say he could. So, I didn`t over do it but I scrubbed up, dressed nice and did my face. I wheeled to the pub with a close neighbour and met up with a lady that has a guide dog on the way for a chat. I could see his Landrover in the car park and his little dog sniffing nearby.

I waved, he waved back and I eventually finished my chat and went over. He`s no Aidan Turner but he has a quiet masculinity about him. I made a fuss of his dog and noticed the gentleman was very reserved. We eventually went in for lunch. He sat down as we decided on what to eat and I noticed his oily jeans and that even his hands were still black & oily. The conversation didn`t flow easily all the time, mostly due to his reserved nature, (He`s the same in texts, mixed signals, contrary and doesn’t give a lot) However it wasn`t uncomfortable which is strange. We parted company, he was in a hurry to get back to work.

A couple of days passed and he hadn’t mentioned our meeting at all, or what he thought of me, not a word, so eventually I asked him outright, I don`t waste my time these days. His reply was a bit tongue in cheek, very him but none the less not complimentary:Morning , bit mad here today ! Mmm big questions last nite lol , cards on table it was good to meet you finally , i liked you would be nice to have lunch or something again some time i’ll be ur friend as long as you want me to be but nothing more sadly. I’ve pretty much given up on dating site so probably going to be a non practicing homosexual think thats the way forward lol x”

So we met on the 4th, the message about just being friends on the 8th and tomorrow the 17th we may meet up for lunch again! always-got


I recently had trouble with my wheelchair. If I went out with friends they weren`t able to lock the rear wheels back in. MY wheelchair is six years old now, it`s used 365 days of the year and needs a really good clean. I had it fixed once but this time got a friend to do it as he`s an engineer. salsa

However, for a few days, I had to use my outdoor electric wheelchair, and this was a huge life lesson for me.  I found it increasingly frustrated to be high up, the footplates do not allow me to get near surfaces and unable to be under my own power. Everything seemed slower, the housework built up around me, if I dropped anything it was a mission if I didn`t have the hand grabber with me. The relief to be back in my manual and free to whizz round at my own speed made me grateful to be able to do so.


I am still on the helpline and still find it fulfilling and even on the days when I don`t really feel up to it, I feel a sense of good after for a call that stood out. It was a little hard to juggle around a life outside of the home and my Son who often comes in and is irritated that he can`t talk to me.

However now, after a telephone course, I am now a mentor too,which means I am able to do one to one calls with people that need that extra time over a span of six weeks. I have my first two service users details and will soon begin.october-birthday-derek

I had a lovely birthday time this year in mid-October, I was spoilt by my friends and my family, and felt very blessed. fb_img_1446285525598

I thoroughly enjoyed Samhain this year too, spending it with my thirteen-year-old Nephew who helped me prepare food and scare the little trick or treaters that came round. We then visited my Mother with Barmbrack and our orange treats.

Of course, it is also our New year, and so I started a new journal and looked back at the past year with a real sense of achievement and acceptance!

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Helpliner. (Poem.)



You don`t know me,

 I`m a voice on the phone,

A number you chose to call,

 To share your deepest fears.

You call from a place of safety,

 Anonymous from your home,

A haven that`s a safe prison,

 Where rituals and habits rule.

You cry out your despair,

 Sob your sheer panic aloud;

You share your darkest secrets,

 Your life story pours out.

Sometimes you vent your anger,

 I am your target that day.

Venting your frustrations,

 We somehow find a different way.

You may ring to share fantasies,

 The off chance taken to thrill,

You`re redirected hastily,

 As your needs I simply distil.

You ring me in loneliness,

 Your solitude suffocating,

You`re one of my `regulars`,

Weeks have passed,

                           no one visiting;

You ruminate,

                                      building fears,

 Reaching fever pitch alone,

Your worst case scenarios,

 We crisis breath,

                          we talk,

 so you`re not alone.

You`re individuals,

                                                     each one,

 Separate lives,

                                           different seasons.

Sometimes a loved one phones,

 Unable to comprehend the reasons;

Their call as valuable as yours,

 They try to understand;

                                                    they want to,

They feel frustrated,

                                                    then guilt,

 They call as they love you.

I listen to you all,

                                               each person,



with empathy,

I focus on your words,

                                              between the lines,

 The unsaid deciphered silently.

I cherish your thank you`s,

  I Leave the line with a smile,

I helped you today,

                                        You praised me,

 I heard you relax,

                                              laugh even,

 It wasn`t easy,

                                                   but thank you!






Wednesday, 07 September 2016.




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‘How do you have sex?’

Hot chick

I haven’t mentioned dating recently in my blog, mainly because it hasn’t featured highly on my Richter scale, I have been too busy becoming part of my community and decorating my home room by room. Trying to meet Mr Perfect for me has been put to the back of the queue.

I have thought more about it recently, as the summer months are full of pictures of couples having fun on the net, out and about, on holiday and just being together. I will be honest, I miss the companionship of having someone to go out and about with without feeling a burden to friends. Someone just for me would be nice, after all it`s been seven years now.human potential

Also living with a young loved up couple that giggle, shower together and go out to wine & dine can often leave you feeling quite lonely and wishing you had something similar.

 love deserve

 I opened one dating site on the say of a new acquaintance that met her hubby on it, she told me to be patient. I didn`t bother trying to tell her that most people see the disability and move on……………………….wp-1470580447621.jpg

Scope believes that there is still a long way to go with research showing that only five per cent of Brits have ever asked a disabled person out on a romantic date: “We want people to relax and not let their assumptions about disability and sex get in the way of what could be an amazing connection with another person. The important thing is to focus on the person and the connection, not the impairment.” Right oppertunities

So, though I don`t really log in daily if I get any messages I will be notified if someone sends me a message. One such message appeared this week:

`Honesty can (but not always ) be the best policy. I do not have the strength of character to date someone in a chair. You will understand this is in no way meant to hurt.
You do look nice and at risk of sounding pervey you do look quite sexy but I think we are both looking for more then a few sexy sessions.
Good luck on here. I’m finding it awful. You can’t tell anything about anyone from a couple of pics and the odd paragraph can you.
Be good. `
Wheelchair love 10
This message made me smile mostly by its contradiction, he was telling me in one sentence that he hasn`t got  strength of character to date someone in a chair, which states he assumes id either be hard work to date, or id need caring for. Then he`s telling me that, You can’t tell anything about anyone from a couple of pics and the odd paragraph can you, which is exactly what he did! I-am-so-very-sorry-does-my-disability-make-you-fee

This is so common, id be good enough for sex but not a relationship. The other one is they are not bothered by my disability but they’ll message or text forever with no real intention of ever talking on the phone let alone meeting. Treated

I cant imagine what is going on in their imaginations to be honest, what do they think we need or want? They clearly believe we all need caring for or something, to one extent yes, partly as the world isn`t designed around us when were out, but at home, no in my case as at home i am fully independent. Things like housework may take me longer, but I get there in the end. I am in a wheelchair

 The favourite questions are: Can you have sex? How do you have sex? Mostly I answer this with, yes, but not with you, because if I don`t it leads into sex talk and them inviting themselves to try!


Mostly though, I just get viewed and passed by, this fascinates me as I’ve always had a disability, and this wasn`t  always a problem when I could walk, its amazing what difference a wheelchair makes! 
sexy wheelchair woman

I don`t want to be a killjoy,  it does work for some people:

Kate & bfKatie is a beautiful and vibrant redhead with a contagious smile and a noble demeanour. When her now-boyfriend saw her as a match on eHarmony, he liked her profile. Then, he realised she was in a wheelchair and, because he’s got the logical personality that comes with being an engineer for a living, he contemplated dating her for four days, doing research on her disability prior to writing to her. “I would be stupid not knowing this girl,” he said.

I myself met my second Husband on a dating site, but looking back I think it was based on just sex at first and that never really changed much, but for some reason it lasted seven years until we moved in together with our combined children and it was over. strength-quote

If you have a disability and decide to give online dating a try, follow these basic tips:

  • Get to know the person before meeting: If you are dating in a wheelchair, getting around may not be the easiest thing to do. When you are meeting up with someone you are interested in dating, make sure you have done an appropriate screen so you don’t show up only to be disappointed.

  • Pick an accessible meet-up place: When it’s time to meet, pick a place you know can accommodate and where you feel comfortable. You want to focus on getting to know your date, not on whether the environment is appropriate.

  • Be honest about your disability up front: Not everyone may be interested in dating someone with a disability – and you probably don’t want to waste your time with someone who may not be open to it. Weed out those people up front so you don’t have to worry about disappointment after the relationship begins to develop.

  • Don’t focus on your disability: If your date is only interested in talking about your disability, that probably means they aren’t interested in you as a person. Likewise, if all you do is talk about your limitations, it can hinder your ability to really get to know the other person and keep them from discovering your personality.

Inside im not different

So, If a message pings up on my phone, I will read it and answer. If I have a moment I will browse and may occasionally send a message, (Usually ignored) but I will say that i`ve met some good people over the years, and one or two have remained friends!


As for that elusive Prince, who knows? I`m not getting any younger though!


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Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

Friendship girls

Last May I went to West Sussex about having a Canine Partner.It was prompted by a local Blind Lady encouraging me, together with seeing assistance dogs at a disability conference a few years ago and the fact that my present dog is in her 16th year.

  It took a bit of organising but our local Good neighbours volunteers managed to find someone to drive and accompany me and with the social services paying the cost of fuel with by Direct Payments. 

Canine partners

The two days in West Sussex were great, and a real blast from the past, as i`d spent many years living  there. Being in the month of May, it was beautiful, the trees and flowers at their most vivid. The Lady that drove was already a partial friend, but became a good friend through this experience. I loved all the dogs, and though self conscious and shy I enjoyed the assessment. The staff and dogs are all amazing and even on that one day I learnt such a lot about what the dogs could do, their training and my needs. Canine partner 2

I was visited by a occupational therapist at my home and have now been on the waiting list since my assessment since last May. Here she looked round, assessed my needs, met my life and wrote it all down. Occupational-therapy

I  received a letter conforming that I was accepted and the wait was 18mths to two years while they found a suitable Pup for me and trained them towards me needs.

Canine partner 1

In the meantime I have to save the money to get there and stay for the two weeks training.

Piggy bank

Expenses have been worked out as follows:

Fuel  £377.50

Accomodation x 2 people for 14 days £700

Meals  £114

Mobility vehicle hire  £1,073

TOTAL  £2,262.50!


So, as id never have that money, especially since mine has kindly been cut. My best friend, the person I trust 100% to have my best interests at heart took on the task of raising the money. Real friends 3 No matter how many people tell me that I am not begging, it feels that way to me. By someone else taking the reins, it means that I can be involved as little or much as I choose to be, without being wheeled out in front of people for the ahhhhhhhh factor.

So a Crowdfunding page was opened, this raised £770, but closed on March the 18th as they have a limited life span. This morphed into a paypal account, which continued to be used and still does for any money raised, together with a Twitter and Facebook page! (She really was a busy Lady!)  Real friends

  This though was about the time it grew some wings and took on a life of its own and grew in momentum, it became a community project. Straight away someone from a local garage donated the first tank of petrol to get to the Canine Partners training;Paper people the local pub; good neighbours; the wife of a parish counsellor; a local band; friends far and wide in the county; all with this shared goal, it was all so heartwarming, It felt a bit surreal at times, but so welcoming to me. community-words

 It can often be quite hard for a person with a disability to feel accepted because of their differences, societies attributions, their own past experiences can crowd their own perceptions on whether they feel accepted or not, and of course the general layout of where they live can inhibit how much they can join in with local events, etc. strangers-are-just-friends

There was an evening arranged at my local pub, a band had volunteered to play for the evening for free, tickets were sold, raffle prizes given, a donation for snacks given and the word put out. 

 The night came and it was perfect in so many ways, and not all to do with the reason we were there. My closest friends came, some drove from an hour away, and others were staying with local friends as they lived a while away. I flitted from table to table, and enjoyed seeing them all in one room, and to be honest I felt so loved.

I was over the moon to see my family turn up as I wasnt sure they would, and it was nice to spend time with them outside of a family situation. My Son came, not for long as it really wasn`t his scene. He came in, spoke to a few people, sat down near me for a while and then left to chat to his girlfriend, but he had come!Anais Nin

 Seven years ago the village raised money for both my wheelchairs, but whether it was me or whether it was the situation but it felt so different. I had to make more personal appearances, thank people at several venues, etc, and I felt embarrassed, a loss of dignity and though I was being made to thank people as a child would. 

This experience has been free flowing, more natural and I have wanted genuinely to thank everyone, plus some, for their efforts, kindness and continued support and interest.meeting-new-friends So through these last few months I have met new people, got to know others better, and have started opening up a new world, and this is before I even have my new canine friend who will open even more doors with it`s arrival. I even have a new friend that will go dog walking with me when I get my dog!Make-New-Friends

  Now its just a matter of waiting for news of when a suitable Pup is found and ready and I am over half way up the waiting list. Canine Partners have had a few hold ups, in the shape of high enquiries, recently losing two members of their training staff, having a higher than usual fail rate in their dogs with behaviour or illness anda few of their brood bitches being withdraw due to health reasons, resulting in less Puppies.

  However they have placed 29 dogs this year so far and hope to have placed 84 by the end of 2016.

After the Pub fund raiser where over £600 was raised, someone anonymous kindly donated what was left to raise, a sum of £900 and now we have the full amount needed to get to the training centre in a hired WAV vehicle, pay for myself and my driver/carer for two weeks to stay and eat and any added costs. 

 To my bestie a huge thank you, and to all those that donated, big money or small, thank you, to those that came to support me, thank you and to those that stop me when Im out to ask if ive heard anything, thank you and to those that support me via the internet, thank you!

Thank you


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